Max trombly and leigh-anne lopinto PRESENT

THE art of relationship

a life changing program to


create a relationship of unbelievable
depth and passion


attract a partner who is emotionally competent, committed + present
with your heart, body + soul


and fully step into your truest, wildest,
most surrendered self.


This is for you if…

You know in your bones that a relationship beyond your wildest dreams is possible.  


You're not willing to settle for less than you deserve any longer. 


You want to be fully taken emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


The desire that you feel for this kind of relationship can no longer be contained.

We created this for you.

During this powerful three month group container, we will teach you everything you need to know to cultivate lasting, passionate love.

And while the teachings are key, the most important thing you will leave this program with is an embodied energetic shift and a deeper awareness that will powerfully transform the way that you create relationships - forever.

Limited SPOTS available


For nearly 20 years, I was stuck in a relationship where we were living parallel lives, unhappy and unseen on a soul level.   


When my marriage fell apart, I had to get really humble and admit that I had a lot to learn about how to be in a happy, healthy, thriving relationship.


At the time, I was guided to see that all relationships are co-created, and I began to own my part - that I was abandoning myself, putting him on a pedestal, and walking on eggshells so that I didn't rock the boat.  


I wanted him so badly to love me that I shapeshifted into whatever I thought he wanted me to be.  And then when that didn't work, I became resentful.


It was a hard pill to swallow, but I saw how I was enabling the behavior to continue by the simple fact that I chose to stay for so long.


As I began to reclaim all parts of myself, and regained the confidence that I was fully lovable, I showed up as a new woman.  And when he wasn't able to meet me there, I knew it was time to leave and start over.


After I got over the intense shame of our divorce, I started to notice that the majority of people around me didn't know how to do relationships well either.


It was a portal of transformation that inspired me to switch gears in my practice as a psychologist and dedicate my life to conscious love, sex + relationships.  I have since experienced a love beyond my wildest dreams, and can't wait to share my secrets with you.


I was in a 10 year marriage and lost faith in my partner to co-create love with me. 


I settled for a partner who couldn’t show up for me. 


I realized I also didn’t know what it meant to show up fully for a relationship. 


I spent 3 years exploring polyamory and open relating, which served as a beautiful lab in which to understand dating, discernment and the creation of intentional relationships. 


I read all the books and learned as much as I could about how to repair and come back to loving connection. 


I spent 1 year intentionally single and celibate and during that time focused on my own emotional healing and developed a strategy to date consciously with the goal of finding my woman and somebody I could trust deeply to start a family with. 


I implemented that strategy and after 1 year of dating a number of partners, I found my wife Kelli, and we now have 2 children and an incredibly passionate and beautiful relationship.

This program is how we made our way out.

We designed this program based on our own process of coming out of broken marriages and stepping into full ownership of creating passionate and sustainable relationships. 


We'll highlight the common blocks preventing you from finding deep love, and we'll help you transmute those blocks into open possibilities. 


We'll teach you how to get clear on what you want + what that looks like in real life so that you can discern if the partner in front of you is capable of serving your deepest desires.


For those currently single, we will help you learn how to attract right partnership.


For those in relationship, we'll help you reclaim deep, heart-centered connection with a pathway towards flourishing, intimate love.

Max Trombly

Coach + men's work facilitator

Max Trombly is a Husband, Father, Life & Relationship Coach and Men’s Work facilitator based in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

20 years of relationships including a 10 year marriage that explored open relating and polyamory before coming to an end with divorce in 2017, set the stage for a deep dive into learning how to create and foster a different kind of relationship. 

Max has developed a wide set of embodied and intuitive processes geared toward self healing, dating with clarity, finding the right relationship and fostering sustainable passion within a relationship.

Leigh-Anne LoPinto


Leigh-Anne LoPinto is a Los Angeles based psychologist specializing in love, sex, and relationships.  

She helps clients create deep, passionate, and healthy love through a combination of therapy, breathwork, coaching, and intuitive guidance.  

Leigh-Anne’s mission is to heal the relationship between men + women, and she teaches a powerful new paradigm of relationships where they are used as a vehicle to evolve into our highest expression.

The Modules


Transformational Self-Love + Self-Worth.
Getting Clear on What You Want, Need + Deserve.


Your Past is Not Your Future:  How to Master Growth Mentality + Alchemize Past Habits and Patterns into Gold.


Understanding Co-Creation to Step into Personal Responsibility.


Open Hearted Communication:  Deep Listening, Authentic Expression + Conflict Resolution.


Deepening Intimacy, Pleasure, and Playing with Masculine/Feminine Energetics.


Sustaining Passion + Love over the Long-Term in Monogamy


BONUS CALL:  How to Find a Conscious Partner (For Those Currently Seeking Love)

What's Included:


A three month group program from Saturday, Feb 25 - Saturday, May 6


Six bi-weekly live group calls, two hours per call


Each call is a powerful combination of teachings + energetic embodiment work + personal coaching with space for Q+A to serve your individual needs


Weekly homework + practices for accountability and maximum transformation


Group Telegram chat to keep you inspired + held in the program


Surround yourself with men + women committed to exquisite love and high quality relationships


A potent container held by Max + Leigh-Anne, world class coaches who have supported hundreds of clients to find incredible partnership


BONUS:  A call outlining effective strategies for dating and finding a partner who aligns with your deepest desires.


BONUS: Your Past is Not Your Future Workbook to alchemize past relational habits and patterns into gold.


BONUS: Two pop-up embodiment practice calls to be announced after launch.

The Dates


Saturday, February 25, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, March 11, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, March 25, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, April 8, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, April 22, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, May 6, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PST


Deep heart yearning is not a problem to be solved, but a divine pull to open to devotional surrender, as wide as all, now.

- David Deida